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Why Choose Us

At STEAM Society, our intention and the reason we get out of bed every morning is driven by one directive. It’s all about the kids, it’s about their future, it’s about creating real opportunity, it’s about bridging the digital divide. Everything STEAM Society strives to achieve and provide is with your child's success, safety, and experience at the forefront of our design.

Our Mission

In the Summer of 2017, five college/university campuses will launch the first “STEAM Society” Summer Camp Experience. STEAM Society is our unique camp initiative that will be run and directed by the STEAM Team; a group of dedicated professionals committed to making STEAM education a realized dream across the socio-economic playing field. Each STEAM Society event will combine experiential learning that is project based with predetermined definitive outcomes for each student. For allmembers of the STEAM Society, we are committed to making STEAM the dream for all kids.

Six Strong Core Values



Impact Giving



Service with Gratitude


Five Pillars Of Excellence

In radio communication, the term “Five by five” is used to describe perfect signal strength and clarity. Similarly, at STEAM Society, we strive to operate at peak performance and strength as a team. We operate daily using our own Five by Five to tune our mission

Our Staff

Clay Odom
As President, Clay is at the hub of all things logistics, creative, and oversees our partnership development and strategic planning activities. Everybody here wears multiple hats…

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Murray Fenstermaker
Murray designs the camp and educational experiences for Steam Society, which is an incredible feat considering the amount of knowledge it requires to design cross-platform…

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Penny Hughey
Known locally in Chattanooga as the Networking Ninja – Penny Hughey is an expert at building and cultivating relationships, so what better fit than Penny to be our…

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