It is our goal at STEAM Society to provide opportunity for every child, as a means to break down the digital access divide that exists, and to give every child the chance to wonder farther. Please find the process outlined below to submit a scholarship assistance application. We cannot guarantee that every submission will receive a scholarship, but we make our best effort to review each one carefully. To complete the application, we require a video or letter from the student that explains three things:

  1. Why is STEAM important to you?
  2. Why would you like to have an experience at STEAM Society summer camps?
  3. What dreams do you have for a career and what do you want to do when you grow up?

Please understand that we may only accept scholarship assistance requests from the camper’s parent or guardian for reasons of security and privacy. If you are applying for more than one student in a single household, please complete a separate application for each camper.

Scholarship Notes:

  • STEAM Society must limit scholarships to those who are in true financial need. During the application we will ask how much assistance you need for your child to attend camp. In an effort to introduce as many children as possible to camp, those requesting partial support may receive preferential treatment.
  • Submission of scholarship request does not in any way guarantee acceptance or registration for camp. Each request will be reviewed and you will be contacted with next steps for registration.
  • STEAM Society believes in and strives to provide equal opportunity for education and access.

To be eligible for a scholarship your household income must be at or below the applicable income level indicated in the chart below.

Total Household Income (based on 250% of the Federal Poverty Level)

Household Size Gross Annual Household Income
1 $29,700
2 $40,050
3 $50,400
4 $60,750
5 $71,100
6 $81,450
7 $91,850


Camp Scholarship Request Form
Please note: Partial scholarships may be given priority.

Additional Requirement

Please send a video file or a letter by the camper to scholarships@steamsociety.com. This will be required after the completion of your application. For the subject line please enter the full name of the parent or guardian and the word "Scholarship".

Upon acceptance of the application, there is a $20 dollar non-refundable reservation fee. You will not be charged an application fee, but once a scholarship is granted, a reservation fee will be required to lock-in your child's placement on the camp roster.